2013 is Here…. Time to Sell Your Home!

Yahoo! 2012 was a phenomenal year in Real Estate….Portland home values increased an average of 5% over 2011 & 2013 is expected to just as strong if not more. Many homes are selling at and over the list price within 1-2 days of listing with multiple offers! What is causing the surge? The biggest component is two-fold; lack of inventory combined with incredible interest rates and lots of buyers ready to go.


Although when any listing is done well…..professional photography & video, beautiful staging, squeaky clean and ready to go–it sells well. However in this market–good homes sell even faster and higher. Conversely, if a home is poorly prepped and/or overpriced, it’s going to sit.B Remember that buyers are awake at night clicking on homes looking looking looking for their next house. They spend an average of 5 seconds on a listing and if they don’t visually like what they see, on they go.

We maximize presentation and visual impact with our in-house team. No one else can replicate what we do every day. The results are stunning and buyers know it!

If you’ve been waiting to list and sell your home until ‘the market gets better’…..this year might be your year. Contact me any time and I’ll get you where you want to go! Here’s to big dreams and next steps! Happy New Year!

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