2014: Share the Love!

Join Mark & I at Northwest Children’s Outreach (NCO) in 2014!

If finding a meaningful way to give back to your City in 2014 was one of your to-do’s for this year….it’s not too late to kick your volunteer drive into gear!
Feel free to join in with Mark & I this year as we apply our time and resources to Northwest Children’s Outreach. With 7 locations in the Portland Vancouver area and volunteer stints on various evenings from 7-8:30pm..it’s pretty easy to say YES!
Orders are placed by social workers, non-profits serving families, shelters & many non-profits in the Portland/Vancouver metro area. The orders are filled by location each week based on what each location has in the bins and ready to go.B NCO provides everything from diapers and premie items all the way to girls and boys age 18 and every size in between.
If you have ANY clothing, strollers, basinettes, cribs, high chairs, car seats—anything a parent would need for infants and children aged 0 to 18—please let me know. If it’s in great condition–NCO needs it right away. Clothing in good used condition (not needing repair or mending, no holes) is needed all year around. I’m glad to connect you to the closest warehouse to your home!
NCO Volunteering
There might be 30 children with needs to fill, or 10–it varies from day to day, week to week. Here is an example of what the list looks like for every boy. Girls are pink and on the reverse. We receive a name, an age and clothing sizes then go to town on the big bins pictured above to fill the needs of the individual child. If there was an abundance of long sleeve warm shirts in a 4T, then we get to give them 3-4, not just 2. It’s a humbling experience to pack such needed basics for little kiddo’s: Hoping they will love the superman pajamas or the elmo that was on the toy section.
NCO Volunteering for Portland Children
Here is what I got to pack for one little guy. I hope he loved opening up the bag! We were out of coats for kids in the small sizes…that was harsh. Little guy needed a warm coat and we didn’t have one.
Now Oregon’s largest non-profit organization with NO paid staff, NCO does an incredible job partnering with case workers throughout the state to meet the needs of marginalized infants and children.B From providing formula, diapers, blankets, car seats to clothes and toys for older chidren, hundreds of families and single moms count on NCO for basics.
We invite you and your kiddo’s age 8 and up to join us 1 evening a quarter in 2014 where we’ll go to one of the local area warehouses and pack these items up.s.B As we have a clear-er idea of what the biggest needs are….we’ll probably cap off the year in December with a fun gathering & ‘drive’ for those items.
Join us & share the love!!

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