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With Love, Oregon

With Love, is a not-for-profit, foster care resource providing for many of the physical needs that come with caring for children. Additionally, the goal is to promote an aura of dignity and honor to those who embrace local children in need of a family. It runs on volunteers and generosity. It is fueled by love.

NW Children’s Outreach

NW Children’s Outreach is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the Portland area and surrounding communities. They help fill the needs of these families, providing clothing, infant care products, diapers, formula and many of the other necessities parents need for their children.

Mercy Ships

Our favorite international non-profit!  Mercy Ships is an international non-profit that provides life saving medical care to those in need around the world. Based entirely on large ships, their hospitals are performing life changing procedures every day.  They are currently floating off the coast of South Africa and are posting some mind-bending before and after pictures on Instagram. We love the work they are doing!

Guide Dogs for The Blind

Mark and I have so far raised three guide-dog puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. It’s a bit tricky in our business to work this into our day-to-day schedules, but our time spent volunteering with this incredible non-profit has been very impactful.

Albertina Kerr

One of Oregon’s oldest and most respected non-profits, Albertina Kerr serves vulnerable children and adults in our society beautifully and with great care.

Portland Homeless Family Solutions

A deserving organization, Portland Homeless Family Solutions helps keep homeless families together and off the streets along with job training, placement programs and much, much more.

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