Annual Laurelhurst Garage Sale Saturday 6/19

The Laurelhurst neighborhood is known for many things. But it’s annual ‘don’t miss it’ garage sale is in T-minus 2 days! Can you feel it? Did you even know it was coming? Well clear your schedule because you are going to want to be on deck for this one. This is one of those ‘let’s-get-up-early-grab-coffee-and go-elbow-our-way (gently and with kind manners as always of course) through-the-hoards-and-see what-treasures-we-can-unearth’ opportunities.
Here’s a cool map to help you get to Laurelhurst…! Enjoy strolling/running from home to home, admiring the architecture, the attention to detail, the meticulous lawns, the table and tables of finds that are sure to deplete you of any cash you were hoarding for that new couch. And you know what, you’ve just got to roll with it. I know good friends with incredible taste that outfitted their home because of a Laurelhurst Garage Sale….or an LGS if you will.B So throw on your sweats, grab a friend, and another friend, and a truck and bring your cashola—and prepare to have a great start to your weekend!
If you really want to get ahead of the game, check out http://portland.craigslist.org/search/gms?query=LaurelhurstB and see what else you might find ahead of time. And there is no way I’m waiting until 9am to go—are you kidding?

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