Ariston Development: Creating Community One Re-Building at a Time

Ariston-Dev’s Classic Foods Project Builds into Woodlawn Community


Josh Fuhrer of Ariston DevelopmentB is fascinated by stories. Passionate about literally building them.B Perhaps it’s the part aboutB partnering with amazing builders to create aB project that contributes something meaningful to the local community.B B The opportunity to renovate something old into something amazing.B A passion for ultimate sustainability–using what we already have to create something more.B And once in a while, it’s theB thrill he gets when he walks into a craggy old building and theB potential shouts out for what could be……
Josh was the right guy to take onB the task of transforming the dilapidated 1932 ice-house pictured above into the soon-to-beB world headquarters of local food distribution company Classic Foods right in the heart of the Woodlawn Triangle.B And not just any headquarters, but the first LEED Platinum certified manufacturing facility in all of Oregon.B (To put that in perspective, world-wide, there are 189 LEED Platinum buildings of any kind including commercial and residential space).
Who is Classic Foods? Jake Greenberg. He’s got a passion for people to understand and know ‘where food comes from’. His company makes and distributes fresh pasta, spice blends, and soup bases to over 500 restaurants & institutions in the pacific northwest. And he chose to move into a community. To impact a community. I think that’s pretty cool.


Exterior painting was just completed and with two months out until the owners take over the building, here are just a few of the amazing things Ariston Development, SD Deacon Contractors & Vallaster Corl Architects have done on this project!

  • Gutted to the studs, they began the full transformation of restoring the building facad to the original art-deco design.
  • 101 kw solar array on the roof = 1/2 acre of solar panels. The solar feed is hooked up to flat panel monitoring system so anyone can see how the energy created and stored is used.
  • Bio-diesel distillery for Classic Foods delivery vehicles
  • Bio-swail to treat storm water–which uses the rainwater for on-site herb garden with basil and tomato for some of the items created at CF.
  • All the old window frames were restored with new glazing
  • Front office was torn down and all old-growth mezzanine wood was reclaimed, replaned and reused.
  • All the old office concrete was pulverized and used in new concrete
  • Heat from the cooler/freezer condenser is re-claimed and pre-heats the building’s hot water system.

How does building a state-of-the art food creation & distribution center impact the heart of a neighborhood?

  • In phase II, the east corner of the property will host the local farmers market
  • Phase II will embrace a retail outlet where neighbors can purchase fresh pasta’s and other items made at the facility.
  • Eventual cooking classes for kids
  • Creates 2-3 spots for small business offices

What makes this property special? Simply–building like this is catalytic. It is contributing to an up-and coming neighborhood–Woodlawn. People have started fixing up their homes. New small businesses are opening up where there was nothing 2 years ago. As Josh says “We’ve lost our town square, our ‘running into neighbors.B Anytime I get to build a project that gets people together and gets them more engaged in the direction of community–I want to be a part of that.”
Josh, it was awesome to meet with you–thank so much for your time!B I love how you envision and create and build–can’t wait to see what comes up next for you!


Two more months to completion–but I’d encourage you to start meandering into Woodlawn.B It’s still an undiscovered gem…and it won’t stay secret for long. Head over when you are hungry and check out:

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