Barista–In the Pearl District

Barista Coffee in NW Portland

What do you do after repeatedly winning Regional Barista Championships and taking 2nd in the National Competition? Open up your own coffee spot of course! Barista is Billy Wilson’s ode to all that is great coffee and it shows. Located at 539 NW 13th Avenue in the Pearl District, Barista has been open just over a year and opened their new location at 1725 NE Alberta Street, five weeks ago.B While I’ve been to many specialty coffee spots in Portland–it’s easy to tell that each of the Barista’s (Brian, Peter, Kimberly & Tyler) wereB passionate and proud of each tamp, pull, pour and delivery of every shot.B While I was waiting for ourB drinks de’jour, Brian was naturally talking with me allB about the peruvian roast that he was using in that moment–. It’s obvious that engaging the customer and including them in their experience is a core value here and wow it makes a difference!

One of the many reasons Billy opened Barista, was to offer multiple roasters to his choosy clientele.B And sure enough, while I was standing at the bar, one gentleman came up with an empty espresso cup and asked for a shot of the second roast on the list for the day.B Apparently–this happens all the time…in-the-know espresso lovers work their way down the list! Stumptown and Coava–both local roasters and Intelligentsia(Intelli for those in the know) are the three roasts currently in action.B With pastries by Nuvrei (by far my favorite lemon poppyseed scone to-date) and cookies by Two Tarts…there are definitely many items of YUM to accompany any drink you choose.

Stay tuned for more from Barista—Next time, Kimberly is going to show me how they pull their ‘Single Cup Brewing Method’….it’s a 200 year old tradition that goes back to German and French design…. Must be really good to be worth $9 buckaroo’s….More to come!

  • Multiple Roasts to Choose From
  • Single Cup Brewing Method Available
  • Pastries & Cookies
  • You can find Billy on Twitter.

Barista Cafe in the PearlB

Barista in The PearlB

Barista Coffee Spot in NW Portland

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