Beaumont Village-April 2010 Market Report

Out of 31 active listings in April, the Beaumont Village neighborhood saw 4 successfully close.B With a 75th% price of $481k, the median and 25% are close at $392k and $360k respectively. The average closed sale price was $421k–three months in a row of a nice upward climb.B Better yet, those four homes closed at an average of just 3% under the most recent list price. Compared to Alameda’sB B B B B B B B B B B B -10%…this is good! Portland’s inventory of homes dropped to a mereB 7.5 months–and with prime listing season upon us, everyone will be watching to see what happens in May as the stragglers from the home buyer tax credit finish their closings. Look below for the graphs and charts!

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