Bethany Neighborhood Home Tour

August 15 Home Tour: Homes for Sale in Bethany $400-$499k

Great Homes

**Thank you Nancy Jane Cushing for letting me photograph your great listing! Check out GreatB Homes to see the beautiful interior entrance to this home! And Portland Home Details for the muralist I discovered!

Click here to see our great map of the Bethany Neighborhood:
What do I do when a client of mine is wondering aloud to me on email what the market is in his neighborhood i.e. ‘we’re thinking about refinancing’…. Why, first, I send him a cool scrapbook of the homes that most closely comp to his that have sold in the past 6 months.B Next I go check out the market in his exact neighborhood andB look atB the closest homes thatB are currently on the market. He wants to know detail about what is happening in his area…he’s curious and now I am too (like cheese for a mouse–to be clear, I’m the mouse)! So this first tour on Sunday was checking out 6 of the 14 homes in the price range my client was curious about–$400-$499k.
[listingsearch type=”listingids” listingids=”10027390,10056918,10060901,10065963,10064325,10062100″]
Some of my observations:

  • Out of 14 homes for sale, 6 of them have square feet ranging from 2800-3100 but ranging in price from $415k-$489k.
  • Not every home was perfectly updated although for the few that were vacant, new carpeting was a consistent trend.B Hat’s off fellow Realtors!
  • Some good competition in the 2200 square foot range. If I had a buyer today looking in Bethany at 2200 square feet, there are several options in the low $400’s and down into the high $300’s that I’d be able to show them.

The good news for my clients is that now is a perfect time to refinance and because we brokered an awesome deal a few years ago, they aren’t taking nearly the hit that similar homes priced here were selling at when they purchased theirs.B I like that kind of news!
Here are all the homes in the Bethany neighborhood between $400-$499k currently on the market:
[listingsearch type=”layers” layerid=”14″ hqid=”293″ orderby=”price” order=”ASC” lp=”400″ hp=”499″ ptype=”DETACHD”]

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