Buying Your Home in 2017: Getting Ready 1-Step at a Time

So you’ve decided to buy a home this year…

Congratulations! It’s so exciting to make this dream of buying your home come true!!!

What do you do next?

Your next step is…..

  1. Find the Realtor that you want to work with &
  2. Ask lots of questions!

REALTOR: The Realtor you choose to work with can make it a great process or the never ending nightmare.  If they are experienced and expert at what they do, they will oversee and manage ALL of the moving components of the purchase of your home and coordinate with your lender, your inspectors, escrow and title officers, overview each step of what happens next and keep everyone on the same page. Keep in mind that the majority of Realtors are part-time and sell less than 5 homes per year.
85-90% of my clients and buyers come from referrals i.e. Past Buyer Client Jay & Trish send their friend Dave to me and we go from there. However if you don’t know me and no one referred you my way and this blog is all that you know about me,  then it would be wise to ask a few questions before moving forward so you have confidence in who I am and why taking amazing care of you through your transaction is so important to me.
Here are 16 questions buyers should ask their Realtor (some with explanations, others are self explanatory) or me. 🙂 This is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Take the time to get to know who is working on your behalf and for your best interest!
Are you a full time Realtor or is this a part-time job?
How many homes do you sell a year?
What area’s do you cover? Do you only work in one area?
What about references, could we talk to a few people that you’ve worked with?
How many buyers do you work with at one time?
Do you help only your buyers or do you help the seller too in the same transaction?
Do we need your help if we are buying new construction?
What is your communication style? What can we expect from you during our search and when we find our home?
How long have you been a Realtor?
Do you work with short-sales and foreclosures?
Are you able to help with finding a solid reputable lender and quality inspectors? Do you get a referral fee?
How do you get paid?
Do you belong to the National Association of Realtors & Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors who subscribe and hold to a strict code of ethics?
Will you share your opinions and concerns with me as we look at homes and walk through the process? Are you going to push us into a house so you get a transaction? Will you tell me/us if you think we should say no to a house?
If we choose to work together, are you going to hand me off to someone else in your office?
How do you stay up on changes in your industry? What designations do you hold?
These are just a few of the questions that come to mind. What questions do YOU have that you’d like me to answer? Check out my answers to these questions I think buyers should ask their realtor.  I’m glad to meet up for coffee with you anytime or you can email me at claire.widmark@gmail.com, call/text me at 971-275-3691
Ready for Step #2? What do you think it is?

Warmest cheers,


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