Caffe Brioso on MLK


Caffe Brioso is translated to the Italian word for coffee i.e. ‘caffe’, and Brioso to mean ‘spirited, happy, lively, or merry’….so Caffe Brioso just means–Happy Coffee! In keeping with that, I’d say that my nonfat white chocolate mocha was very ‘spirited’ and the ItalianB pannini made fresh right there was ‘merry’ indeed!!


Owner Megan Kennedy moved to Portland and opened up her coffee spot just a little over seven months ago. And after working for Bellatazzacoffee roasters for several years, Megan is the first person/vendor/cafe to bringB the brandB to Portland! Caffe Brioso is part of the Desination Upscale card as well! Megan is open until 7pm each night for those not quite ready to get home and hosts a monthly art show for local artists. See her website for more dates and times. Meanwhile, stop in and say hello, grab a great cup of specialty coffee and get to know the newest addition to the Portland coffee scene!


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