Caffe D'Arte in Irvington

B Cappuccino at Caffe D'Arte in the Irvington Neighborhood

Six blends of espresso to choose from and chocolate truffle sauce…. just a couple of things that make Caffe D’Arte a stand out.B B Lucky for me, it’s also within walking distance of my home!B Caffe D’Arte (pronounced Dartay) has a special spot at the edge of the Irvington Neighborhood and is located on the corner of 15th & Weidler (in the former Torrefazioni space).B They are a specialty small batch roaster with one location in Seattle and one here in Portland.B And it gets better…I can’t think of any other place in Portland where you have six different blends from which to choose your shot of espresso.B For example, you could have Firenze in your morningB Americano and end the day with a shot of Taormina!

B Ambiance wise–which to me is the critical part of the whole experience,B this is just a cool space with tons of light andB architectural arch details repeated throughout. Each timeB I’ve been here, it feels a little European. The wide screen TV always has a soccer game on (this place is nuts during World Cup)…andB I always hear different languages in the air.B Love that!B

B Open for just a couple of years, theseB baristas are known for serving up fantastic italian espresso. And to make it even better? Their mocha’s don’t have syrups or powdered chocolate…nope, they use a chocolate truffle sauce made by Gasanko.B To add to your delight, for ‘in house’ coffee orders, each person receives a hand made chocolate (can you say melt in your mouth??!!) created with the same chocolate truffle sauce. Incredible!B Pastries are created by Nuvre–another local bakery and if you are an expert with espresso machines, Simonelli is the only one allowed.

Caffe D'arte in Irvington Neighborhood on NE 15th & Weidler

Part of what Caffe D’Arte inherited when they took over the space here, is the rare outdoor patio with the historic Tulip tree.B It doesn’t look like a Tulip tree to me….but then, I’m not an arborist….B Another great space outside as the weather gets better! With the stormy weather yesterday–these pix were pretty dramatic-Enjoy!

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Pastries & Mio Gelato
  • Soccer on Wide Screen TV

Caffe D'Arte in Irvington

Caffe D'Arte in Irvington

Caffe D'Arte in Irvington

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