Chill Out!

Keeping cool in the summer can be a costly endeavor. Here are a some tips to save money while staying cool at home. Give me a call if you have any other home maintenance questions. I can get you in touch with the right people!

  • Open your windows at night to let cool air in and use fans to help aid in the process. Don’t forget to close the windows during the day to trap the cool air in!


  • Invest in some blinds or darkening curtains to help insulate and regulate the air inside while you’re away.


  • Big machines like your washer and dryer tend to give off a lot of heat, so do your laundry at night for maximum efficiency. With that in mind, get out and use your grill instead of your oven and stove when cooking.


  • If you have central air running through your home, you can maximize your AC usage while saving money by scheduling when it runs. Energy.gov suggests 78 +/- 1-2 when you’re at home, and bumping it up to 80 when you’re away. This of course can be adjusted to your comfort levels, but it’s a fantastic starting point. Don’t forget to change out your filters frequently during the summer.


  • The best thing you could do is to invest in exterior shades, like an awning or outdoor shutters. Awnings are an extremely effective way to reduce cooling costs.

These are just a few tips and tricks to chill out in your home while saving a bit of money. Stay cool!

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