December 2015: #250KidsCoats

imgresNCO–Northwest Children’s Outreach, is one of three local non-profit’s we support and advocate that are focused on caring for the needs of children at and below the poverty line in our communities. Six donated warehouses from Tualatin to Beaverton, Vancouver to Troutdale provide an astounding amount of basics for children that are the poorest of the poor. They have nothing.
When our cold weather hits, cold weather clothing and coats are gone in a flash.B So we are going out on a limb and inviting you all to join us in gathering 150 kids coats for boys and girls ages 2-18.B Warm, winter coats that are gently used or brand new are welcome. Check out Good will or Costco has coasts under $25 each if you are in there this week.B And if you are cleaning out your kids closets and those old coats (gloves, scarves, winter pants etc. while you are at it) don’t fit anymore–please consider donating to NCO.
Our coat drive is December 1 to January 1st, 2016 and if you let us know that you’ve got something to donate–we’ll gladly come get it.B You may also drop off at our home in Beaverton or my offices in NW Portland or Lake Oswego. Just text me and I’ll let you know more specifics
We’ll use the hashtag #250kidscoats for those of you on twitter. I’ll be reaching out to all of you to check in as well.
THANK YOU For being willing to make a difference in such a practical way. Can we do it? I’m saying YES! Excited and YES! 🙂 #250kidscoats

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