Classic PDX Home Haven–Portland Hardware & Architectural

If you own or are thinking about buying one of Portland’s classic homes–whether colonial, foursquare or bungalow, Portland Hardware & ArchitecturalB just off of division, needs to be on your list!
Bret Hodgert–the owner, has done an incredible job amassing, coordinating and merchandising all the wares necessary to revitalize your home from lighting, to windows, to hardware, pillars and more.B
Instead of huge dusty bins of door knobs or handles requiring hours of sifting through to find 4 matching pieces (forget finding the matching screws)…at PHA, each set is perfectly mounted with the hardware on planks!
Bret is also known nationally for one of the best selections of beveledB and leaded glass windows.B His collections are complete and have minimal cracks. Typically 65% of older salvaged windows will be cracked or broken. Not here—he’s got a 95% ‘whole’ rate.B
The store is well laid out—and the warehouse is meticulous. Bret let me up into his ‘attic’ to look at a broader selection of larger pieces.B Incredible.B Poking around in a wonderful store that is well done is a fantastic way to spend an hour!B Portland Hardware and Architectural is a delightful, local, homegrown and well done business.B Pop in and take a look for yourself!

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