Cooper Mountain Real Estate & 2010 Home Sales

Real Estate in Cooper Mountain Beaverton & 2010 Results

On the west side of Beaverton, homes for sale in Cooper MountainB for 2010 ended up strong on listings and just barely missing 2009 sold stats. So close at -2.3%…can we just call it even?

  • With the home buyer tax credit in play through June of last year, Cooper Mountain was able to break even +2 sales in the critical $300k price range.B 2009 had 96 closings and 2010 had 98…this is good!
  • The next segment $350k-$550k just couldn’t hold onto last years stats. It’s a tough price point if new construction is under and over this range.
  • The market analyzer below shows an un-historic bump in listings in September and the trend of more closings kicking into gear at the end of the year. Whether this is a result of the banks trying to off load their REO properties by 12/31/10, we’ll find out as we watch January & February.
  • The last graph shows closed sales price vs. most recent list price and this is a rough view of what happened last year. Healthy listings and closings will be maybe -5% under the most current list price, not -18%. Hopefully clearing out bank owned properties will clean this up for 2011.
  • There are currently 12 REO properties for sale right now in Cooper Mountain and hopefully minimal will be added through the year.
  • Additional neighborhood detail for: All of Beaverton, Hart, Highland Hills, Murray Hill & Sexton Mountain.



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