CREMA coffee & bakery


Okay, new favorite hotspot–CREMA! I went in one day last week and the display case was empty–went in two mornings later and voila! TONS of amazing pastries and delights stacked up for me to choose from. Just one block off of SE Burnside on Ankeny in the Kerns neighborhood–just outside of Laurelhurst, this hopping bakery has a non stop flow of loyal patrons in and out…sometimes the line to the door.B The boss even made my capuccino (see pix below) and everyone at the counter was incredibly helpful. I have no idea what time they start baking–IB am figuring 3am with the amazing tray after platter after shelf of pastries! I’ve had capuccino’s and latte’s here—both delish! Lots of space, wifi and no crowded feeling! 2728 SE Ankeny.






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