Curb Appeal Is Screen Appeal

First impressions matter.

The spotlight used to be on curb appeal. What emotions does a potential buyer experience when they first pull up to your house? Are they drawn to your home or repelled? What do the colors say? Technology changed things. Now, instead of only caring about curb appeal, sellers must think about screen appeal. After all, every buyer will be looking at their home online before coming in person.
Curb appeal is still integral to screen appeal, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The most powerful strategy is to make sure your home is represented beautifully on every device available to buyers. A home isn’t a series of images; it’s an experience. TrueView captures the unique elegance and comfort of each home. TrueView captures a home’s essence.
If your home is starting to look rough around the edges, it may be time to spruce things up a bit. It doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. The small details can make all the difference. The trim, shutters, and front door are all places to give color some serious thought. If you tend towards being color-conservative, these are the perfect locations to bring new life with a new coat of paint. For the color-impaired, some basic research on the color wheel will go a long way.
External light fixtures tend to accrue cobwebs, rust, and sadness. Replacing them immediately upgrades a home to classy and modern, not to mention the increased safety. Your local garden center will sell ready-made planters with healthy flowers so you can swap dried up landscaping with some instant vibrance. Last, match the color of those “eyesore” items like drain pipes and electric boxes to the main color of your home, and they won’t draw the eye of a buyer away from the beautiful features of your home.
With Trueview and a little care, your home’s first impression will be magnificent.

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