Dear Portland Buyers……

If you are a buyer who wants to purchase a home in the Portland Metro area…..this letter is for you.
I know you are frustrated. You are so ready to find that perfect home. You jump when your email notification ‘ding’B goes off…and the thought ‘could this be the one?’ jolts through your body every. Single. Time. You’ve been pre-approved for what seems like forever, that stack of paperwork already turned in and the lists checked off.
Everyone in your life knows you are buying that new house any moment. They are prepared when you suddenly stop what you are doing at your desk, grab your coat and jet out of the office. They understand why they receive emails from you at 2:00am with yet another link to another possible home.
When the market for listings is this tight, this few, this long between real options….the whole thing becomes rather life morphing. It takes over. It permeates everything you do.
A few things I want to let you know.

  • You are normal. With limited supply and a whole lotta demand, undue emphasis gets put on every possible listing for being ‘the one’.B If the above describes you…just breathe.
  • Your house will come.B Truly, at the right time your home will come and you will be ready and you will be so thankful that you didn’t pull the trigger out of sheer agony all those other times.
  • You will not give into the sheer agony.B Yes your lease is expiring and your landlords are talking about selling. Yes, you need to find your home sooner than later. But no—you will not buy a house just to buy a house. THAT opens up a whole other can of worms way worse than the waiting and toe-tapping.
  • You are not going to force a square peg into a round hole.B You will know when you’ll need to compromise and on what. But you will not compromise on location, condition or your budget. Pinky swear.
  • You will let yourself go down the ‘what if’ rabbit hole. What if you don’t find the right home this year? What if interest rates go up .25%? .50%? What if you have to renew your lease for 6 more months? A year?B You will ask yourself these questions because you’ll be prepared and focused on the true goal. The right house at the right price at the right time.
  • You understand that the wrong location = not your house
  • You understand that the wrong price = not your house
  • You understand that the wrong condition = not your house
  • You are prepared and ready for the 1-2 day fast pace of the market when the right one does come up because we’ve been getting you ready all along.B You will know exactly what the comps are for that house because we will have reviewed it together. You will know what the top of the market is because we will have discussed the strategy. You’ll know what kind of earnest money you need because we will have talked through that too.

If you work with me, we talk about these things all the time. It keeps you calm and focused and remembering what really matters. It keeps you from making a huge mistake just for a little bit of house-stress relief (which really doesn’t happen if it’s the wrong house). Following these points of wisdom will allow you to say yes to the
right house at the
right price at the
right time.
My job is to give you the right information throughout the whole process so you can make wise decisions. Sounds like a good plan? I think so.B You can do it. I’m with you in it!B Your wise decision at the end of the day is what will give you true relief and a fantastic house you can afford.B Meanwhile breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Call me any time and we’ll walk through this together. 971-275-3691

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