Dear Portland Sellers……

If you are a seller in the Portland-Metro area, here’s a little note from me to you!
After the incredible downturn in the market that hit us in late 2008, most home owners are finally in the wonderful position of having positive equity thus able to list and sell their home! YEA! It’s about time!
First in 2012 we had a 5-8% average increase in value and the first few inklings of pent up demand with multiple offers and 100+ through open houses. 2013 heated up considerably and the metro area received a welcome 8-18% range in home values. 2014 is here and strong out of the gate with more level increases expecting to be more conservative but consistent around the 5% over last year.B This is good!
Here are some affirmations for you:

  • You will consult aB RealtorB before you do ANY remodeling prior to listing your house. Several times each week I walk in to a house and wonder aloud ‘oh why didn’t they ask someone before they did this’.B From paint color to wall treatments to flooring to poor cabinetry choices to slab granite on ugly. It serves your bottom line well to make sure every dime you spend is going to benefit you and contribute to selling your house.
  • B If the thought of getting your home dialed in and ready to sell is overwhelming to you, it’s okay. You are normal. For most people, our homes never look better than when we are getting ready to sell it (why is that?).B I have a wonderful handyman/contractor who can whip your home into shape like no ones business. I work with fantastic experts staging company’s who will transform your house into ‘the house’ people want to live in.B Breathe. You don’t have to do this all on your own and it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. I can help you narrow down the list of what must be done vs. nice to be done.
  • You are going to be super picky about marketing. Yes you are. You are going to ask to see the marketing for your listing agent’s last 5 homes, you are going to expect and receive professional photography & video work.B You are going to ask to see listing photos, fliers and websites. Photos of dark dining rooms,B half a closet, toilets with the lid up, and messy bedrooms will NOT be the standard to which your home is presented to the world. Just say no to sloppy.
  • Your house has a story to tell. We will beautifully tell the story about your home with lots ofB wonderful details so we can explain to a buyer in writing, in pictures and online about ‘what it’s like to live here’. The upstairs bedroom window where you and your boys said ‘good night moon’ each night every year since they were two. The sound of the owls in your barn that lulled you to sleep for summers without end. What makes your home special? I delight in telling your story!
  • You will not leave money on the table. Being in a sellers market does not mean that you are automatically maximizing your money. Seriously. We have got to make sure your house is so dialed in, that not only is it THE house for on buyer….it’s the house for many buyers.B That’s going to take a bit of effort. It’s worth it.
  • Your house will be the right house at the right price in the right condition. Even in this market, any home that is over priced, in poor condition or in the wrong location will sit on the market. Sit. Sit. Sit. We call that ‘crickets’ because all you hear is the sound of that chirp and nothing else. No calls for showings, no text messages that an offer is coming. Nada.B You & I, we will study the comps and we’ll create our strategy to price your home as high as we can!B You must be the right house at the right price in the right location in the right condition.

Not ready to sell your home now, but starting to plan down the road? Looking at those brown original 1970’s cabinets and wondering where to start?B Great job–you are way ahead! B Let’s start now to figure out what needs to be done over time so you have a clear direction and plan. It’s never too early to start and I’m with you the whole way no matter if you have a 6 month plan or a 5 year plan. It’s all about your timing and what is best for you. As always, my desire is to give you smart data so you can make wise decisions. Call anytime and we’ll get you started! 971-275-3691

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