Why I Don't Do Dual Agency

One of the many reasons I left 18 years of Corporate HRB and began building my career in Real Estate was simply because I believed it could be done really well. For me, that also means going about the business of real estate in ways that may differ from the ‘norm’.
The law of agency in real estate clearly delineates in any one transaction–whom I serve i.e. either I work for my buyers or I work for my sellers–this is Singular Agency. For the agent that takes care of both parties inB one transaction–it’s called Dual Agency.B And here is where I peel away from the pack.
My core responsibility is to represent solidly–my client–whether they be a buyer or a seller.B And much to the shock (and appreciation) of my clients–I will not (even though it’s allowed)B represent the buyer and seller in the same transaction.B No matter how high my level of confidentiality, no matter how effective I am at working with people toward the same goal…. I do not believe it is in my client’s best interest that I agree to dual agency. Put another way, how would you feel in your gut if the professional working for you, brokering and negotiating the most valuable asset you have, asks you to approve in writing, them also working for the other party in the same transaction. Uneasy? Really uneasy? Yeup, me too.
One client even pursued it to the point “so if you list our house and a buyer without a Realtor wants to make an offer on our house and we’re your sellers, you are saying that you’d refer that buyer to another agent for this transaction and forgo the extra money?”

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

I prize every buyer and seller that I get to meet and protect them with ferocity so obviously I’m going to make sureB they are referred and well taken care of by a Realtor who has the same workB ethic as mine.B B And yes,B I will walk away from the additional income that would come from practicing dual agency. Real Estate is about way more than a paycheck.B My clients simply deserve my full undivided attention and the expert representation I give them.B This is one example of how I go about the real business of Real Estate…

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