Every Home Just Wants Some Photo Love….

Tap. Tap. Tap. Hello? Is anyone paying attention or is it just me? We have some seriously amazing houses that are not getting the love and attention they deserve. Kinda wall-flowerish-like actually.B We need to get some photo love out there people! Every house deserves to work-it and show off what it’s got!
I don’t know about you, but when a new listing pops up and I eagerly click on the live link and get to see the first photo….and there it is. A dark picture of a living room. An exterior photo without light balance so the sky is pure white with no cloud detail. Another bathroom photo op and yeup, wait for it…the lid is up. Seriously?B And most horrifying to my photo-senses….it’s a $400k+ house. For reals? Ugly photos at this price point? Wait. At ANY price point? Someone get me the smelling salts….
W 8th Street Master Before
W 8th st. Master After
Tesla (my current car crush) does a better job of conveying the value of their masterful creation than some people do to convey value of a home 2x’s or 10x’s the cost of that beautiful machine. This is not car science. It’s a casa, an abode, a home. It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.B When is the majority of the real estate business going to wake up and smell the marketing? Marketing takes effort, it takes money, it takes good taste, it takes effort. Photos show the value in the first 5 seconds a buyer is looking. Did you know that we have 5 seconds to capture a buyers attention as they click through the first few photos before they click off your house and onto the next one?
W 8th Street Office Before
W 8th Street Office After
Looking at these before and after photos–(the before with my iphone and the after with the wonder-M Photography team)…..doncha think it’s worth the effort? I do! And you know what else? BUYERS do too and they speak with their pocketbooks. Hmmmm funny how that works!
W 8th Street Living Room Before
W 8th St. Living Room After
No matter the price point—those $300,000 dollars are YOURS and you need every single one of them.B If it’s listed at $850k,B those are YOUR 850 thousand dollars.B And at the end of the day, it’s not about the price point. It’s about the marketing.B Beautiful marketing for all.B No matter the price point, every home deserves photo love. $260k condo and a $1.2M lake view estate. Equal love people!
My inner geek and M’s full-time geek team are a perfect match to make sure your photos and marketing for your home are stunning.B Support your local geek (me!) and make sure your house gets the RIGHT exposure! Ready to list your house? Let’s talk about how to maximize your sales price and beautifully present it to the marketplace.B And sell it!

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