Great Portland Homes: Craftsman in Bethany

Spacious Craftsman in Bethany

Each week as I am out and about, I am always looking for that “one” house in my tour that really stands out to me.B Sunday’s Home Tour in Bethany was easy–it was the second house that I walked into and I knew instantly it would be THE house of the day.B
From it’s beautiful grand street entrance above, to this incredibly light and vaulted entrance to the inside, this 2800 square foot home oozes the fact that there is space to live.

Great Homes

Continuing towards the back, you run into this equally open and welcoming kitchen.B B

Great Homes

  • B Neutral warm colors on all the walls
  • Perfectly cleaned berber carpets throughout
  • Personal items were packed up and out–ANYONE would feel at home here
  • Meticulously cleaned and none of the extra little things that we seem to collect.
  • Amazing amounts of storage, wonderful front and back porches, beautiful details.
  • In a small more artisan community of 14 homes with access to the green space areas.
  • PS–if you want to see my favorite Portland Home Detail from this tour, click here.

Thank you Nancy Jane for allowing me to feature your great listing here!

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