Hart Real Estate & 2010 Home Sales, Trends

Real Estate in Hart Beaverton & 2010 Results

In the heart of Beaverton, the Hart neighborhood has a great mix of newer homes with a few 1960’s in there for good measure. When it comes to homes for sale in Hart vs. homes actually sold in 2010 vs. 2009, they actually came out plus 1—and considering where we’ve been, ending the year even to better than the previous one is grat!

  • Even without tons of new construction, Hart held steady in the first time home buyer category (I say it’s $300k & under) with a slight uptick in the $300k-$400k range.
  • Scrolling down to the market analyzer there is definitely an anomaly: Home listings peaked twice–once in July (typical) and again in September (not typical). Looking at the pink bar representing sold homes, there was an additional increase in closed sales September/October as well.
  • Most neighborhoods I track had an increase in closings October, November & December but I’m not seeing that here…just a good surge before the holidays.
  • For my sellers and my buyers, I watch the average sold price vs. most recent list price graph like a hawk. For Hart, closing prices consistently were up to -6% under the last list price. When you see it pop up like it does the last two months, most likely buyers added closing costs to the offer–causing the final price to be at/over list price.
  • Additional neighborhood detail for: All of Beaverton,B Cooper Mountain, Highland Hills, Murray Hill & Sexton Mountain.

Here’s to a fresh new year–and a stabilizing 2011!



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