Hidden Gems of Portland

The Garden at Elk Rock

Also known as the Garden of the Bishop’s Close, this wonderful gem was established nearly a century ago on the cliffs overlooking the Willamette River. Honoring the wishes of its creator, the garden remains open to visitors, providing Portlanders with the amazing opportunity to appreciate one of the jewels of the Northwest. Populated with a diverse assortment of flora that have something beautiful to show off no matter the season, the property also preserves its native madrone woods. Take an hour, explore its pathways and be rewarded with some stunning views of the Willamette.
For more information:
Open Daily: 8am to 5pm
11800 SW Military Ln
Portland, OR 97219


Portland Underground Tours

The tour guide slides a complex key into a metal grate in the street, twists, disengages the lock and pulls open two yawning doors to reveal a steep makeshift staircase; a portal into the black belly of Portland. The mystery shrouding these Shanghai Tunnels swirls so thick as to obscure their existence from a great many locals, striding along topside, unaware of the legacy of villainy beneath their feet. The tours provide a harrowing, historically accurate adventure into Portland’s fascinating criminal history. Brave explorers meet downtown at Hobo’s Restaurant and embark on a guided educational escapade under the city.
For tickets and tour information:
120 NW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97209


Grand Marketplace

If you’re looking to spruce up your place with something unique or stroll through a collection of memories, the Grand Marketplace is a hidden gem packed with gems from our past. Curated by a passionate group of vintage collectors, every item tells a story. More than fifteen separate vendors gather their eclectic wares in this wonderful setting. Even if you’re just dropping by to browse conversation pieces with a friend, you might just find something you can’t put down.
For more information:
1005 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214

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