Hillsdale Real Estate: 2010 Home Sales & Trends

Real Estate in Hillsdale: 2010 Results

Hillsdale is tucked into Southwest Portland just over the ridge from the West HillsB .B For 2010 this neighborhood (chock full of cool homes in my opinion) fell short by about 16% over LY.

  • With the first time home buyer tax credit petering out in May/June & without sufficient first time home buyer styled homes under $300k, Hillsdale had a tougher year than other parts of Southwest Portland at -16% in sold homes vs.B 2009.
  • $300-$450k showed a 16% increase in sold homes, but with low numbers–that really only translates to +6 over 2009.
  • The market analyzer below (keep scrolling) does show the typical listing cycle and the increase in home sales at the beginning of the year, Hillsdale is in line with many other neighborhoods where an increase in sales activity began in October and continued through the end of the year.
  • It is also obvious where the expiration of the first time home buyer credit tanked out sales even though listings remained the same–July through September. Yikes. Let’s not have that credit again!
  • View Home Sales in SW Portland combined stats for all neighborhoods.

Hillsdale is a wonderful part of town with more homes primarily over the $450+ range….I’ll be watching January and February stats to see if the uptick started in October carries through and against the typical seasonality of closed sales. Here’s to a great 2011

2010 Hillsdale Sold Stats





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