Homes for Sale in Cedar Mill: Bauer Highlands Real Estate

RealB Estate in Cedar Mill & 2010 Sold Homes in Bauer Highlands

homes-for-sale-in-bauer-highlandsBauer Highlands is a very well thought-out development in the most northern part of the Cedar Mill neighborhood in NW Portland.B B Built over time between 2000 and 2005 (with a few rare detached homes on the outskirts in 2008), Bauer Highlands is known for high density building with craftsman finishes and detailing usually listed in the mid range $400-$500k.B Homes here have unique and individual facades reminiscent of cottage-Tudor styling. Rounded doors, beautiful interior woodwork, well-created living space all make this an unusual neighborhood. Click on the map to the right to view current listings of homes for sale in Bauer Highlands.
Bauer Highlands Sold Homes 2010For 2010, Cedar Mill sold homes tipped at a 12% increase over 2009. Digging deeper into Bauer Highlands shows that 17 homes closed in 2010 and interestingly enough, only 1 was due to relocation and one was bank owned. The rest were all regular, normal home sales. The other thing that stands out to me in looking at the stats below is how quickly homes in this neighborhood sold once listed. I looked up each one back to the original listing date to verify and with few exceptions, most homes closed under 60 days from when listed…many at 30 or under.
Here are the stats for the homes sold in Bauer Highlands in 2010….


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