Irish Brothers Coffee & Roasters

Irish Brothers Coffee

David & Barb Wilson created Irish Brothers Coffee & Roasters because they love coffee.B

I mean really.



So much so that a few years ago, they decided to create their own drive through coffee shop–easy for David since he also owns DLWilson Construction.B However when they were tasting roasters for their drive-thru they found their options lacking. Lacking flavor.

So what doesB a personB do whenB they own a retail coffeeB spot and aren’t enamored with the options which to serve? Why research of course–and lots of it. As David & Barb dug deeply, they realized that they wanted toB make their own roast, their own blends andB create their own recipe.B B As David says, “a coffee roaster is only as good as their recipe”. So they found Bruno (I’ve met him before at another roasters—think tall, great accent,B deep voice), found the best beans, aB deep-red Dietricht roasterB and David & Barb were suddenly on their way!

These espresso connoisseurs (with the help of Master Roaster Amy Davis)B are bent on investing in the highest quality beans and never, no never, dilute them or stretch a batch by adding lesser caliber beans.B With their attention on small batch artisan roasts, this local coffee company is starting to make a name for themselves!

They take great pride in roasting each 5lb batch the old fashioned way–gas-fired, indirect heat, with ceramic cones so the beans roast and cycle in the drum. This creates an even keeled roast and of course, they never create more than they need.B But don’t be fooled, in case you didn’t know…all it takes is one quaker (quakers are bad bitter beans–usually light in color…just one in a batch can ruin the whole thing), which is why every batch is checked and rechecked. Can you see the quaker in the last picture below?

With their eye on highest quality, Irish Brothers Roasters are establishing themselves asB a local, small batch roaster with great flavor. They are shipping their fresh & perfectly cured batches all over the United States and are a favorite at Quailhurst Vineyards Estate.B

  • It’s easy to pick up a latte, espresso or a pound of their beans–just stop by the drive-thru on 3007 NE 181st Avenue!
  • Find them on Facebook soon!!

Irish Brothers Coffee

Irish Brothers Coffee

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