Irvington–April 2010 Market Results

Wow! What’s happening in Irvington! By far the most homes actively listed at 97…..it wouldB be nice to see an equally higher amountB closing. As it is, April showed a 10% sell through for this neighborhood. With the Portland Metro inventory down to 6months, I’m betting Irvington has still more homes ready to pop on the market this spring. 25th, mean and 75th percentiles ranked up with $300k, $404k and topped off at $519k…a nice healthy spread. When prices merge too close together, a neighborhood is lowing the upper end…so the spread is good. While closing values dipped to 80% of list price in January, there seems to be a consistent line now of homes closing at -5.5% under the most recent list price.B Charts and graphs are below!

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