July 4th Celebrations in Portland 2010

America turns 234 years old on Sunday July 4th, 2010! Are there any special ways that you and your family celebrate our nation (still a spring chick compared to the rest of the world) and our freedom?B B I usually keep my personal thoughts out…and I will give pause to say we are blessed beyond measure. What an incredibly poignant time to not just reflect on all our freedoms, but to figure out and choose how we can impact those around us in need. Maybe it’s giving of precious time to invest in a younger person in your life, maybe it’s extending your comfort zone and heading to Haiti to work in an orphanage for a couple of weeks. We are blessed to be a blessing.
Okay–onto the blog post…Whether it’s attending the Blues Festival on the waterfront, braving the crowds at Fort Vancouver,B tying up early on July 4th with other boats along our own WillametteRiver…..or reconnecting with your inner cowboy/cowgirl at the St. Paul Rodeo….we’ve got some great ways to have fun this weekend! Here are my top 2 favorites along with some additional options for you to peruse! Have a safe Holiday weekend!
ST. PAUL RODEOB July 1-4th


“Put on Your Big Boy Pants…This Ain’t For Babies” is the theme for this years 75th Annual Rodeo in St. Paul Oregon! Meander in around 6:45pm, park amongst the haystacks and enjoy a wonderful, patriotic (seriously–no one does patriotism like rodeo’s–it’s one of the number one reasons why I go…..that and the cowboys of course!) bone crunching, bronco riding evening complete with fireworks at the end. My tip to you–be sure you sit anywhere EXCEPT facing west…the sunset will be in your face for 3 hours and will hinder your ability to see well. I’m hoping to go Friday night–let me know if you’ll be there!
Looks like the suggested donation (and they’d appreciate more too) is $10 and 2 cans of food with 100% of the donations at the gate benefiting the Oregon Food Bank and their unending efforts to end hunger in our communities. This is a great use of big business–Safeway & the sponsors help foot the bill so our contributions make an impact…and we get great music! Waterfront, reading a great book on a blanket, beautiful day…If I get a day off–I’m heading here on Monday! By the way, they still need volunteers—click here for more info.


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