Keep Portland Weird and Beautiful

Keep Portland Weird and Beautiful!

Our cityC”BBs reputation for artsy expression inspires everything from bumper stickers to sketch comedy shows, all of which we embrace with good humor because weC”BBre known for that as well. It also doesnC”BBt hurt that almost everywhere one casts a glance in Portland, some beautiful nuance or flourish will stand out in the frame. Appreciate stately statues honoring our heroes, plain columns etched picturesque, provocative park sculptures, reticulated stone mosaics and muraled walls that might as well be made out of canvas given the amount of vibrant brushwork they display.
Benefiting from a campaign of continuing commitment to public art, our fine city will only get more distinctive for the coming generations.

NE Portland – Alberta Arts


NW Portland – Pearl District

SE Portland – Division / Burnside

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