Ladd's Addition Home Sales–June

Ladd’s Addition is a great neighborhood for a good walk….ooohing and ahhing over the classic homes is a favorite past-time. Being a small area, it rarely has a ton of listings and usually, an even smaller amount of solds. For June, 14 active listings and 2 closed homes at a 14% sell through is all I really have to report. Put another way, not lots of selling action, but the stuff that is moving, is at a higher average price! Here’s the map of Ladd’s Addition.

  • Both sales averaged a closing of 93% of the most recent list price
  • The 75th percentile tops off at $629, Mean is at $539k and 25th percentile is at $450k
  • The average sales price is still one of the highest in the Portland Metro area neighborhoods that I track at $539k
  • And at 7 months of inventory, Ladd’s Addition is right in there with the Portland average of 7.3.


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