Landscaping with Bamboo

Bamboo Forest
I was walking through Goose Hollow the other day and stumbled across this stunning bamboo-privacy-hedge-slash-forest. The reeds were more beautiful than a photo could capture—and wow it was an incredibly elegant way to block prying eyes from the curb….
WeB all know Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants out there (if you aren’t in the know yet… check out this cool website for more bamboo general info)–from clothing to flooring, it’s a pretty remarkable thing. However, plant the WRONGB bamboo (labeled ‘runners’)B in your yard and look out!B Once those get on your land, they’ll spread like wild fire.B For privacy screens and hedges, be sure to chose any clumping type like Fargesia or Thamnocalamus. These can grow 10′ tall in one year!! You can also use bamboo in your container gardening–they create lush color and texture for any part of your landscape!

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