Little House Big Heart

You don’BBt need a giant footprint to make your mark on the world. We dispatched our media team on a quest to capture the cozy, crafty spaces of our favorite little Portland houses, all marketed and sold by M Realty.
The team returned with these punchy glimpses into creative living. Whether itC”BBs a crackling fire conjuring the feeling of a vintage cottage dwelling or something sleek, modern and stainless steel that captures your imagination, thereC”BBs no denying these homes have heart.
Traverse the compact facades inviting you inside over original hardwood floors into snug bedrooms, then out into private backyards lush with opportunity for quiet escapes with the satisfaction of a thriving garden or an old-fashioned neighborly barbecue.
Whether remodeled with current amenities or featuring the hardy fixtures of an enduring generation, these homes were constructed with an idea of community at their cores. They provoke a spirit of collaboration, enticing you to add your own expression to the space, making it truly unique. Making it yours.
Fall into stride with the media team as they explore these proud featherweight houses, showcasing the heart and promise each eager home boasts to those who step aboard. ItC”BBs our honor to showcase whatC”BBs special about every one of our listings regardless of price or size.
And itC”BBs easy to root for the square-footage underdogs when theyC”BBre this charming.

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