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The I Have a Dream Foundation is one of the nonprofit organizations M Realty supports to give back to the community. More than just a volunteer opportunity, what’s exciting about this program is it allows businesses and professionals to collaborate with school clubs. We’re able to take what we’re passionate about in our industry and mold it into a positive career experience. These wonderful kiddos are being actively engaged and shown examples of their possible futures. They are taught that everything is within their reach.
DS-2006This optimistic spark is cultivated by the I Have a Dream program from elementary through high school, making sure no child slips through the cracks. M’s media team (a tight-knit band of photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, copywriters and other industry professionals) that creates all our TrueView listing videos and presentations has had a blast getting the kids involved with the technology they use every day.
The M Together program helps keep me involved in projects like this, making sure I have opportunities to support my community at every turn. Let me know if you have any questions about how you can get involved!

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