Marco's Cafe in Multnomah Village

House Hunting Is Hard Work, Stop at Marco’s to Refuel!

Multnomah Village is a little treasure in SW Portland. If you love and appreciate good food created by eco friendly people then please put Marco’s Cafe on your ‘need to try list’.
How do I describe all that is Marco’s Cafe? I think I’ll need to list it! From their amazing eggs benedict options (I recommend “Tami’s”–I swear they put a whole avocado on there), to a wonderful espresso menu (try Debbi Diva’s Pompadour with creme de cacao, cinnamon and cardamom–yum!), Marco’s is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.B Oh and by the way, did I tell you…..

  • Their menu is trans fat free
  • All natural hormone free meats
  • All cage free eggs
  • Only uses fish approved by ‘seafood watch(r) national seafood guide
  • Equal exchange organic fair trade coffee and espresso
  • They use solar hot water
  • Extensive recycling including 95% of all waste
  • Donate 50-100 meals to St. Francis Dining Hall monthly
  • Donate baked goods and soup to charities.

With all this–it’s easy to feel great just walking in the door! Great food with the added bonus of being probably one of the most social responsible restaurants in Portland or Oregon or the West Coast!B Enjoy!

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