Media Team Spotlight

Ali: Multimedia Artist – A Portland native who graduated from Pacific University with a Major in Film & Video and a Minor in Photography, Ali has been a professional photographer since 2008. She’s passionate about photographing people especially, getting behind the lens for our agent headshots. Her love of creating artistic installations helped hone her keen eye for design that she employs every day, crafting beautiful TrueView presentations across our myriad of forms: photo, video, print and web. Her spirit animal is the adorable sloth. Also, the mogwai. Yes, they are real.

Travis: Marketing Workflow Specialist – With deep roots in Seattle, Travis moved to Portland in 2009 to found a production company with his brother. A discerning producer and gifted sound designer with a mind for numbers and astrophysics, he utilizes his financial management background and microeconomic principles to maximize efficiency in workflow. His spirit animal is the hawk, focused and swift, hungry for fish and field mice.

Greg: Director of Media Production – An award-winning filmmaker with an impressive body of work spanning short film, music video, documentary and feature film, Greg graduated from Pacific University with a Major in Film & Video and a Minor in Psychology. Specializing in cinematography and script development, Greg pioneered many of the signature elements of TrueView, bringing a naturally creative eye to everything his team creates with their cameras. His spirit animal is the cunning and elusive fox, constantly confounding your expertly trained team of hunting hounds.

Jonathan: Videographer – A current student of UC Irvine, Majoring in Film & Media Studies with a Minor in Global Sustainability, Jonathan is drawn to the outdoors and wildlife photography. His filmmaking ambitions have garnered acclaim and earned him a videography position for his university’s athletics department. His love and pursuit of all things video make him the perfect TrueView videographer, capturing the emotion and experience of every home. Jonathan’s spirit animal is the stealthy and capable cougar. While majestic in the wild, they make dangerous pets.

Jeff: Marketing Director – A spirited storyteller from young age, Jeff has spent years and years honing his craft as a writer and a filmmaker. He is perhaps most proud of the feature film he wrote and directed that won Best Picture at a local film festival. Combining his customer service and management background with a love of story, he is aptly suited to lead our fearless team of marketing professionals that live behind the orange door at M. His spirit animal is the noble wolf and he denies all allegations of being able to turn into one, regardless of the phase of the moon.

Ivan: Design Director – A self-taught graphic designer with his own photography and web design business, Ivan is the driving force behind M’s online and print presence. His sharp eye for aesthetics and ever evolving view of current design trends make him the ideal creative overseer for establishing M’s cohesive brand. A Portland food enthusiast, Ivan knows the best dish at every restaurant around town and enjoys treasure hunting in his spare time at antique stores. His spirit animal is Steve Zissou, played by Bill Murray in Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

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