Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Bar

B Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Bar

Pronto Per L’Estate!! “Bring on the summer”B is the phrase in Italiano that greets you upon entering Mr. Jolly’s Coffee & Bar.B Part 1920’s flair, part Italian—this little hot spot is a mere 2 months old and already feels like a place you can just ‘come right on in and make yourself at home’.B B Better yet, it’s one of the few places in Portland that serve Lavazza(prounounced Lavat-sa) Italian espresso.B This also means I no longer need to stuff my suitcase full of 1lb vacuum sealed bags each time I return from Italy (even though I can buy it at Cost Plus..it’s not the same).B And just in case you thought Stumptown ruled–ohhh no it doesn’t–not to those from Europe & Africa..let alone Italy! Lavazza is the preferred coffee for those that have relocated to Portland and wow they love being at this coffee spot! And here, just as in Italy, the conversations with others are piu importante!B And just as in Italy, talking without espresso is like talking while sitting on your hands—it justB can’t be done.
Managed by Giuseppe Lagana (part owner of Bella Joya down the street) with chef Davide (prounounced Davee-day) and accompanied by barista Emma–there are enough “ciao’s”, “come stai’s?”, andB “beneB bene’s”B flying around to make you think, just for un momento that perhaps you are not in Portland. (One of the unexpected, kind of ‘full circle’ things about this place, is that it actually WAS a coffee shop back in the 1920’s at the same location–and it was called……yeup… Mr. Jolly’s!–(And yes, just get past the name..)
The shelves are packed with great books AND every kind of game imaginable (Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble etc. etc.).B We chose Connect Four while waiting for our cappuccino’s. In fact, when Davide brought our crepes out–he masterfully grabbed the chips and finished off our game–one does not make Davide’s crepes wait! Pastries are by Nuvrei, breads are by Lovejoy Bakers and watch out for Davide’s specialties; house-made pasta, gnocchi, and fresh crepes!B Italian lessons are each Monday night–see below for more details! And pups love bringing their owners here; dog treats are on the house! See Charlie’s pix below!

  • Free WiFi
  • LaVazza Espresso
  • Brunch, lunch, dinner menu, full bar in the evening, happy hour starting soon
  • European Soccer Channels
  • Board Games Galore
  • Dog Treats
  • Italian lessons Monday nights–contact Walter Marrella 503-505-1410 for openings!B Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Bar

Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Bar

Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Bar

Mr. Jolly's Coffee & Bar

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