Multnomah Village in SW Portland–Indigo Traders

Indigo Traders Puts the ‘Cool’ in Multnomah Village

Every time I walk out of of Indigo TradersB in Multnomah Village, I feel as if I just had an experience.B Samir and Dan effortlessly run this incredible store.B Need an unusual gift for an unusual person? Try their full bodied Palestinian olive oil,B glassB wear fromB Morocco, delectablespice packsB or one of the many hand embroidered textiles from Jordan.B And look out if Samir is available, he’ll make you a fresh Turkish espresso!
Looking for a Moroccan tangine (pronounced tan-gee) for cooking? Stunning hand painted bowls and trays? This delightful shop has wonderful thing guaranteed to please.B Dan greets while Samir takes your order for fresh mint tea or a shot of his incredibly yummy middle eastern style coffee.B B Did I mention that Indigo Traders is Fair Trade focused?
More and more, people are looking for a true neighborhood where they can settle in, be part of the community, buy their home and walk through life. Spots like Indigo Traders creates a wonderful atmosphere that makes Multnomah Village real estate just a bit more special.

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