Murray Hill Real Estate & 2010 Home Sales & Trends

Real Estate in Murray Hill & 2010 Results!

Good news for Murray Hill with a +17% in closed homes in 2010 vs. 2009! Located at the SW edge of Beaverton, Murray Hill real estate with regards to sold homes did well in almost every category over 2009!

  • Condos, Attached homes and distressed homes under $300k produced a strong +18% increase in closed homesB for those first time home buyers hoping to use the tax credit.
  • Homes in the low-mid range of $300k-$500k experienced a 29% increase in closed homes over 2009.
  • Scrolling down to the market analyzer below, Murray Hill listings petered out in June/July instead of September, but closed sales followed a historic bell curve peaking in the summer. This is good.B Because even when the tax credit expired, buyers continued to purchase.
  • Consistent with many other neighborhoods for year end trends (NW Portland, SW Portland, West Hills), there is a jump in closed sales in November & December. I’ll be paying close attention in January and February to see if that trend continues….could we be bouncing on the bottom for real?
  • November & December stats–absorption rate, average sales price and median prices most realistically were impacted by the year end incentives offered by Banks with the Home Path loan program in order to clear their files of foreclosures by 12/31/2010.
  • Additional neighborhood detail for: All of Beaverton, B Cooper Mountain, Hart, Highland Hills & Sexton Mountain.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011–Excited to see Murray Hill anchor Beaverton with solid sales and here’s hoping for steady, incremental improvement!



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