My DIY Project: Creating a Cool Headboard out of a 5-Panel Door


My crafty fingers started itching last weekend and with Pinterest as my inspiration I began my little adventure.B Here is the step-by-step guide including all the necessary tools and equipment needed for this project.


We found the above old door (since it came out of the garage–we think it goes back to the year the house was built –1914) and added a piece of decorative trim along the top and cut small pieces at 45 degree angles to finish each side.

Post caulking and pre-painting

Then we popped a 1″x 4″ board on the top for a shelf…caulked and primed all exposed/raw wood.


Two coats of Miller Paint in a satin finish..with plenty of drying time in between. You can choose so many color options to make this exact same treatment work!

Headboard after painting and glaze...

I then chose the darkest brown on the fan deck–via a small 1/2 pint of colorant which we then mixed 1 parts to 4 parts clear glaze.B The glaze was applied, wiped off with paper towel and then quickly with a wet rag–another layer was wiped of. You cannot wait for the glaze to dry or else it will not come off…


I wanted the door to be wider than just the Queen bed size…and I love how it perfectly frames the sides too.


Perfect use of the shelf! Once it was painted, the glazing took maybe 10 minutes. Very easy and not time consuming. Hope this inspires you to create some masterpieces of your own. For $29, this was totally worth it and a way better use of an old door. Plus I saved myself the cost of the Pottery Barn bed I’ve been drooling over. 🙂 Enjoy!

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