My New Thanksgiving Tradition….

Savor, Remember, Toast & Celebrate


As 2011 approaches and progresses, I’m going to be more purposeful about acknowledging the things that I’m thankful for through the year.B I’ve got a tall wide glassB vase on my table andB as big and little things pop upB I’m going to write them down and put them in. On Thanksgiving 2011, I’ll sit down with a cup of something yummy and review my year.B There are many things through a year that deserve a moment of savoring, toasting, celebrating and remembering.B And for me, it’s not predicated on only something ‘huge and wonderful’. I desire to continue to be the kind of woman who purposes to have a grateful thankful heart–in and out of season. It cannot be tied to circumstances…it’s gotta be a deliberate perspective placed ON any given situation.
The other things I’m doing more of from now on? Toasting. Whether a glass of limonata or lemoncello or wine or water…..raising my glass to acknowledge the little things. In Italian it’s ‘chin chin’ instead of ‘cheers’…. and it instantly creates a pause in a moment just to acknowledge. Love it!
The first thing I’m putting in for next year? Ohhh this was a fun one! One big thing that made my heart burst this month was when it dawned on me thatB I had made it through the toughest part of starting any new business….the first three years! Yes–11/2007 was when I became a licensed Realtor!! And here I am, thrilled with and thriving in the job I get to do every day. I amB beyond thankful for the incredible support and encouragement of my family and friends.B Thank you forB unwaveringly believing in me and for your steadfast confidence in each step I took. I am a grateful girl andB looking forward to year four!
If my new THANKFUL tradition resonates with you–drop me a line and we can encourage each other through this next year.
Here’s to thankful hearts no matter the situation–andB to you & your families and friends…B asB you gather, celebrate & remember onB Thanksgiving!

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