People+Houses+Coffee = Claire's House Blend

A Quarterly Treat of Coffee…Just Because!B


All year round, there’s little that makes any given situation feel more connected and homey to me than a great cup of coffee.
Catching up with friends, strategizing with sellers, dreaming with buyers or a few moments when all is quiet….coffee just naturally weaves it’s way in.
As I’ve had fun with my blog, The Weekly Grind, I’m also meeting amazing local coffee roasters. As per usual, I love to connectB incredible people, places and things together.
So each quarter, I beautifully pair up a local artisan coffee roaster with my awesome coffee loving clients & friends.B Just a little pouch–enough for a 4C French Press! It absolutely promotes wonderful small businesses (which I love doing) and shows you what cool, hip, happening roasters are up to.
How does it work? I choose a local roaster based on several factors. I take care of all of the packing (includingB the labels promoting the roaster’s info)B sealing and mailing and the roasters provide the coffee.B The food-safe pouches that I use get filled and sealed at the roasters with the freshest beans and then mailed out directly to you!
And frankly—I’m a connector. I’d much rather enjoy coffee with you than put my face on a bus stop bench.B Bless those who do—but that’s so not my style.B A yummy mug of brew in your hands—now we’re talking!


Here I am mailing my first batch for Q4 of 2010!B I’m already looking forward to the next batch!

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