Portland Real Estate: Beaverton 2011 YTD

Q4 2010 Sales vs. First Five Months of 2011

For Core Beaverton Neighborhoods Including:

Cooper Mountain,B Hart,B Highland Hills, Murray Hill, Sexton MountainB & Sorrento Ridge


Out of the six segments of the Portland Metro area that I’ve evaluated, Beaverton core is actually performing very well in comparison. The sweet spot is obviously the first time home buyer segment under $300k–however those are even in units sold per month. The area that made the biggest difference is surprisingly in the $300-$400k range.B Q4 of 2010, homes in this range were selling at a rage of 6/month. The first five months of 2010 has it beat at 11.2/month. Good to see this stronger price range start to make a comeback!
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Homes for Sale in Core Beaverton Neighborhoods
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Homes for sale in Beaverton/Aloha

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