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HomeQuest has put together several tools to help you search for and find your next home.B The Market Analyzer shows month by month, back to 2005 and always resides in your MENU drop down. If you are out of town and wanting to get to know Portland, Vancouver or Lake Oswego real estate trends, ping me the neighborhoods you want to watch and I’ll set up your market analyzer.B This tool shows by specific neighborhood:

  • The # of Active Listings by Month
  • The # of Sold Properties by Month
  • The Median Price by 75th, 50th & 25th quartile by month
  • The Average Sales Price by month
  • The % of the Original Listing Price Compared to the Closed Price

Market Analyzer

Because our Portland Real Estate market really does vary by neighborhood–the Market Analyzer is the best way to drill down into data that is otherwise unavailable through the RMLS system.B When someone is selling their home, the raw Portland metro housing data means nothing. What is happening in their specific neighborhood however is critical.
To capture all of the data, widen the window pane by clicking the little left blue button twice to the full width of your screen.

Widening the Window Pane

For Buyers–he market analyzer goes along with the scrapbooks we look at before writing an offer. What are the sold comps, what are the active comps and what has been happening in this neighborhood since 2005. In some situations, we find that it’s a hotter market than anticipated. In other situations, the number of qualified buyers closing on transactions means that pricing is going to have to be more flexible.
For Sellers–the market analyzer shows them how many available qualified buyers are choosing that specific neighborhood every month. If there are 81 active listings averaging the past 6 months, and only 7 homes are closing–this data helps sellers see the reality of days on market for their home.
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