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HomeQuest has put together several tools to help you search for and find your next home. One that everyone loves is what we call a ‘Scrapbook’.B B When I’m out looking at homes, or searching online and find something that I think might be of interest to a client, I’ll create a scrapbook by listing the MLS #’s and storing them on the clients map page.B Under MENU on the map page, the first folder says ‘Favorites’. Double click on that and when that folder opens, not only will you see the favorites you have put into your file (little yellow star), but below that are the scrapbooks I’ve created for you.


This tool works beautifully for buyers and sellers alike.
BUYERS: Before I let a client write an offer on a home, we use this tool to look at two things–the SOLD homes in the neighborhood the past 6 months, and the ACTIVE listings in that neighborhood.B
SELLERS: Before I list a home, the home-sellers and I look through the past 6 months of SOLD homes in their area (and anywhere a buyer with X$’s would be searching) to see what the market is bearing. What is market value really? Market value is what a buyer is willing to pay for a property and a seller is willing to accept for it.B We also use this same tool to check out all of the ACTIVE listings of homes for sale in the same area–we want to see what the competition is.
Scrapbooks reside in your menu–so they are always there whenever you want to see them.
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