Portland Real Estate: Color Part 1

Choosing the Right Paint Color

Interior Paint Color Matters:

For Bathroom Color–B Use the Best White

Creative Director and founder Justin M. Riordan, LEED AP holds a Bachelors of Architecture and has over 13 years of interior design experience and you can bet he’s got strong opinions about wall color. Hint: Wall Color DOES Matter…

bWe have found that one of the most important things when selling a house is simply to draw as many people as possible to the house. B We want any buyerB to look at our completed staging projects and say, bHey my furniture would look great with this paint.b B We have also found that there are many paint colors out there, but very few have the versatility of the Spade and Archer line by Miller PaintB Company. TheB palette only consists of five (5) simple colors. B But they have proven to be winnersb& every time.B B Here is a photo from one of our staging projects. We advised the sellers to paint their bathroom SA#1 and look at the result!


Spade and Archer No. 1 is the cleanest, brightest white out there. It has just a touch of blue to make it seem whiter than white. B We use it in a few different ways:
B7 B B B B In semi-gloss on trims and doors, it helps add contrast and makes adjacent colors stand out.
B7 B B B B In flat on ceilings, it makes a ceiling feel clean, flawless and higher than in other colors.
B7 B B B B In egg-shell, it makes bathrooms feel clean and free of grime from the previous home owner.
To purchase Spade & Archer colors at Miller Paint Company–ask any associate in any store. The mix number is in the tint database under these categories:

  • Spade & Archer 1B B Mix#10M1992
  • Spade & Archer 2B B Mix#10M1993
  • Spade & Archer 3B Mix #10M1994
  • Spade & Archer 4B Mix #10M1995
  • Spade & Archer 5B Mix #10M1996

And of course when you are considering listing your home in Portland or Vancouver–please give me a call. I’ll make sure your home is market ready, professionally staged and beautifully photographed.


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