Portland Real Estate Sales: Southeast YTD

Q4 2010 Sales vs. First Five Months of 2011

For Core Southeast Portland Neighborhoods Including:

Abernathy, Brooklyn, Buckman, Creston, Eastmoreland, Hawthorne, Laurelhurst, Richmond, Sellwood


Inner core Southeast Portland has had a very rough time with anything over $4ook in sales per month. $300-$400k range doesn’t surprise me holding steading the past 8 months at an average of 14 homes closing per month.B Each of these neighborhoods are critical to the inner ring. Buyers are looking everywhere for homes this close-in at under $250k which just doesn’t exist…unless you just want the dirt. So lots of buyers are hunting in these neighborhoods–I know…many of them are my clients, but the price points really don’t start for good, turnkey homes until you get into the $350-$399k range. Lots of beautiful, classic stunning homes in this range. I know. I’ve been in them. 🙂
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