Portland Real Estate: Southwest YTD 2011

Q4 2010 Sales vs. First Five Months of 2011

For CoreB Southwest PortlandB Neighborhoods Including:

Bridlemile, Burlingame South,B Corbett Lair-Hill, Greenhills, Healy Heights, Hillsdale, Homestead, Portland Heights, Raleighwood


The core Southwest Portland neighborhoods are holding steady 8 months in a row, which is a little unusual. This year, we don’t have the frenzied first time home buyer tax credit to put stats sideways. The under $400k crowd is averaging just about the same average month over month give or take a house or two. The summer season of June-September will be very telling–we’ll be back to apples to apples after June 30th.B Condos and distressed properties continue to drive sales under $300k.
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Homes for Sale in Core Southwest Portland Neighborhoods:
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