Portland Real Estate: West Hills YTD

Q4 2010 Sales vs. First Five Months of 2011

ForB Downtown PortlandB & West Hills NeighborhoodsB Including:

Arlington Heights, Downtown Portland, Goose Hollow, Nob Hill, Portland Heights, SW Hills, The Pearl, Westover


Out of six segments of Portland/Beaverton, the Downtown Portland/West Hills core is performing the best-while inflated because of the condo/distressed unit market.B The units selling under $300k are absolutely condo’s and attached home plus the addition of distressed short sales & bank owned properties–typically the smallest units. Upper price levels from $500k on up are not performing well year to date.B B
First time home buyers, downsizers/right-sizers are taking advantage of lower priced units in the Portland core. The summer sales months of June-September will be very telling this year since it’s true sales, not falsely inflated via first time home buyer tax credits.
Market Analyzers by specific neighborhood will narrow down the true performers.
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