Raleighwood & Greenhills Home Sales–June

When you are on highway 26 and heading west….the left side has two great neighborhoods that come right up into the woods…Raleighwood & Greenhills. I love these two neighborhoods; lots of winding roads, tons of tree’s, wonderful larger estate homes, ranches and two storied houses plus you can’t beat the location to the freeway and downtown Portland! Here’s the map!
With the highest listed home at $7.8MM, you know sales are going to skew…however with 77 listings and 2 solds…we’ve got a 2% sell-through…B

  • 75th percentile was $640k, Mean was $575 and 25th percentile was $510
  • Average sales price was $575k
  • 38 month inventory level……..definitely a rough one..
  • The two homes closed at 95.5% of the listed price.


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